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Loom knitting is a fun hobby. It can also be an inexpensive hobby to try. The Knifty knitter is an affordable starter loom. There are of course more expensive knitting looms that are well worth the price once you become skilled. The Knifty Knitter is the best choice for the novice.

Knitting with looms is actually an old craft. You may have also heard of knitting looms being referred to as knitting boards. In recent years there has been a resurgence of loom knitting. Provo Craft releasing their knitting loom the Knifty Knitter is the reason for this.

Traditional needle knitting has taken a back seat to loom knitting for many folks. This is due to a couple of factors. One of the factors is speed. It is amazing just how fast you can knit a project with a loom. An additional reason is simplicity, loom knitting is easy to learn. Cost is also a factor in choosing to loom knit. The Knifty Knitters are really very affordable.

Loom knitting is also much better for those with arthritis in their hands. People whose hands would no longer allow them to knit with needles are now able to knit beautiful projects once again. To make it even easier on the hands there is the Knifty Knitter weaving tool.

The truth is loom knitting is easy. I feel it is much easier than knitting with needles. Some people just cannot master needle knitting. Just about anyone can knit on a Knifty Knitter after only a few minutes.

Some traditional needle knitters feel that loom knitting is not true knitting. Don't sweat them. They are just haters. It is possible to knit any stitch on a Knifty Knitter than can be knit with needles. Those new to loom knitting will want to stick with the simple stitches at first like the twist knit. The easiest way to learn loom knitting is through video. There are great loom knitting tutorial videos all over the web.

Hats are definitely not the only Knifty Knitter projects. I have met a few people who have never made it past knitting hats on their Knifty Knitters. The projects that can be knit are only limited by imagination.

For anyone that is interested in a new craft; loom knitting is a fantastic choice. If you start now you'll have plenty of gifts ready for the holidays. All you need is a set of Knifty knitter looms and some yarn. There is one additional tool that I found invaluable when learning to loom knit. Find a website that has a good selection of loom knitting tutorial videos. The instruction manual is a definite weak point for the Knifty Knitter. Follow along with the videos and you will be loom knitting lovely pieces pretty quick.