KNIFTY KNITTER WITH LONG LOOM SERIESA long loom set to make baby blankets, shawls, afghans, and much more. Use this to create the projects in Learn to Knit on Long Looms, shown below.Set in


Aluminium Straight Knitting Needle


Knitting Flowers


What is Knitting Needle

A knitting needle or knitting pin is a tool in hand-knitting to produce knitted fabrics. They generally have a long shaft and taper at their end, but they are not nearly as sharp as sewing needles. Their purpose is two-fold. The long shaft holds the active (unsecured) stitches of the fabric, to prevent them from unravelling, whereas the tapered ends are use to form new stitches. Most commonly, a new stitch is formed by inserting the tapered end through an active stitch, catching a loop (also called a bight) of fresh yarn and drawing it through the stitch; this secures the initial stitch and forms a new active stitch in its place. In specialized forms of knitting, however, the needle may be passed between active stitches being held on another needle, or indeed between/through inactive stitches that have been knit previously.


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